Online, 26 Feb 2015. Youth un- and under-employment are critical issues facing Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). In spite of urbanisation and industrialisation, agriculture remains the principal employer and producer throughout SSA. Thus, a more modern and profitable agriculture sector (including aquaculture fisheries, forestry and livestock) is required to generate much needed decent employment opportunities for the Continent’s youth.

Florence, 25 Feb 2015. This presentation considers the changing landscape of challenges facing the world as we approach 2015, the year in which the global community will agree a set of Sustainable Development Goals to follow on from the Millennium Development Goals that have guided priorities to date. What does it mean for donors? The message is that much has changed since the global food crisis of 2008. Donors should refresh their thinking about the issues. International efforts towards agriculture, rural development and food/nutritional security must be positioned as highly relevant in relation not only to the new Sustainable Development Goals but also to G7 and G20 focus on growth and jobs.

Online, 25 Feb 2015. At the International Forum on Agriculture and Climate Change, which was organised by the Government of France, the Director-General of FAO, Jose Graziano da Silva criticised current models of agricultural production as 'not suitable for the new Food security challenges of the 21st century' and urged the participants to seek for a paradigm shift towards climate-smart agriculture.

Online, 23 Feb 2015. Nutrition-sensitive approaches can deliver strong development dividends for the ultimate benefit of poor people. Three innovative, award-winning projects from Africa were highlighted at a global event on February 19, which was broadcast live from World Bank Group headquarters in Washington, D.C. The projects show how agriculture, nutrition and food security goals can be achieved in a single development program.

Online, 18 Feb 2015. International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) concluded in its newest concept note that smallholder farmers and rural people can play a very important role in achieving the post-2015 development agenda. Targeting rural areas and reducing rural-urban inequalities will be the key issues in the process of achieving sustainable development and eadicating poverty and hunger.

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