Online, 23 Apr 2015. Agriculture is considered as a prime candidate for nutrition sensitive programming. Last year’s published IFAD publication, Improving nutrition through agriculture , pointed out that agriculture’s essential role is to ensure an accessible supply of diverse, nutritious foods at all times, either from the market or from farmers’ own production. Consequently many development partner agencies and organizations have embarked on programming initiatives that aim to make agriculture more nutrition sensitive. However the question remains of what constitutes nutrition-sensitive agriculture in terms of specific projects and actions.

Washington, 26 Mar 2015. Since the endorsement last year of the FAO Voluntary Guidelines, donors gave important steps to operationalize these sets of principles to improve land governance in partner countries. They have developed, for example, different guides to support the private sector and their own agencies in complying with the VGGT. Despite this, the private sector claims that the picture remains ideal.

Online, 17 Apr 2015. Interactive maps provide information to help decision makers gauge the impact of policy changes, enabling them to compare different types of indicators, based on their interest, research, policy or programmatic focus and provide stakeholders with the opportunity to share knowledge and best practices.

Online, 10 Apr 2015. Agriculture is central to feeding the world and reducing poverty. Conventional forms of agriculture are however often unsustainable, drive land degradation as well as deforestation and are the world’s leading anthropogenic source of greenhouse gas emissions (GGE). Below the line agriculture and its related activities are causing long-lasting problems when it comes to worldwide climate change and this requires responses from within the agricultural sector itself.

Online, 10 Apr 2015. The Global Donor Working Group on Land provided an overview of ongoing work to develop operational guidance for the private sector to implement the Voluntary Guidelines for the Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land, Forests and Fisheries (VGGT), focusing on the synergies of the multiple processes underway. This session aims at promoting coordination of the different initiatives towards a joint and single set of guidance for the private sector.

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