Addis Ababa, 16 May 2014. Resilience against shocks of all sorts: What are the shocks over time in a given rural area? – They are not the same year after year. Social (migration), economic (market failure) and biophysical (climate change) shocks impact in different ways in various combinations. Measurements are needed and flexible approaches said Mark Santos of Cornell University.

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Online, 13 May 2014. Traditionally rural development strategies target similar households in different communities. But consider how individuals within households differ everywhere: males and females of different ages, different skills, varying goals and responsibilities. Therefore the question arises whether the existing strategies would not be better targeted at developing households within specific communities? At an BMZ event Julio Berdegué spoke about the power of social interaction and how integrating various sectors works well in a new understanding of a sustainable rural livelihood.

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Online, 8 May 2014. If Africa is to develop a more dynamic and inclusive pattern of growth, there is no alternative to a strengthened focus on agriculture. The region has seen substantial economic growth in recent time. But is this reflected in the agriculture of African countries? For some there has been a positive impact, however there is vast room for improvement amongst other areas.

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