Online, 4 May 2014. 'Agriculture', 'food security' or 'rural development' and 'trade'? – Don't look for these terms in the draft communiqué that the 'First High-Level Meeting of the Global Partnership for Effective Development Co-operation: Building Towards an Inclusive Post-2015 Development Agenda' has published. You won't find them. The document only mentions marginally trade unions as partners.

Kampala, 30 Apr 2014. New developments for the expansion of the East African dairy sector are geared towards capacity building, market growth, the provision of inputs, informal marketing and the overall sustainability of the sector. Members of the Inter-Agency Donor Group on pro-poor livestock research and development discussed the next steps.

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Online, 29 Apr 2014. The ongoing modernisation of official development assistance (ODA) is changing the way donors design their programmes and policies and which themes they are now emphasising. Trade and aid for trade are increasingly present in the discourse and programme design of the donor community. Reflecting on this trend, a group of members of the Donor Platform has started to discuss how to integrate the topics of trade in agriculture and aid for trade into the Platform's work.

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Kigali, 16 Apr 2014. 
"The burden is yes", concluded Rachel Kyte, World Bank Vice President, CGIAR fund Council Chair and Member of the Global panel on Agriculture, Food Systems and Nutrition, at the end of the final panel of the 2nd Global Conference on Biofortification held in Kigali, Rwanda recently.

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