About CAADP [ID: 289]

Platform’s engagement with CAADP

CAADP has provided substantial support to AU member countries to develop better and more coherent agricultural policies. As demonstrated by the adoption of the ambitious Malabo Declaration, CAADP has enhanced African governments’ willingness to prioritise agricultural development as a means to boost economic growth and prosperity, and to make the required investments in that regard.

To date, 43 African countries have formally joined the CAADP process. National CAADP agricultural investment plans have been developed in 39 of these countries (status: December 2015). Altogether, a significant increase of agricultural performance can be observed at country level during the past ten years of implementation. A total of eight countries were able to record an annual growth rate of at least 6% in agricultural gross domestic product, in combination with investments of at least 10% of annual national budgets in the agricultural sector.

Donors and Development Partners which are involved in CAADP support organize themselves in the “Development Partners Coordination Group” (DPCD). Hereby they coordinate their approaches, harmonize policy dialogue with the African partners and eventually improve efficiency of development cooperation.