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Platform’s engagement in private sector

Private sector operators are at the heart of agricultural value chains — from smallholder farmers and larger privately owned farms at the local level, to rural enterprises, marketing agents, processors as well as agribusinesses at various levels.

They are the main employers in agriculture, constitute the key source of investment in this field and provide essential financial and advisory services for agricultural producers in developing countries.

Currently the Donor Platform discussions on private sector engagement focus primarily on the inclusive agribusiness approach – or market-based initiatives largely driven by the private sector that explicitly aim to promote both economic growth and food and nutrition security. Focal persons in donor agencies engaging in the inclusive agribusiness work stream meet through conference calls (organised on demand) and at face-to-face meetings (co-)hosted by the Platform.

Discussions on topics such as public-private partnerships, improving fresh produce markets standards or on specific value chains (cocoa, coffee, rice etc.) may also be organised, though not on a regular basis.

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