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Global Donor Working Group on Land

A network of 24 bi- and multilateral donors and international organisations cooperate on land-related issues worldwide.

During the Donor Roundtable Meeting in Washington on the margins of the annual land conference at the World Bank in April 2013, participants agreed to establish a the Global Donor Working Group on Land facilitated by the secretariat of the Global Donor Platform for Rural Development.

The Working Group aims to improve land governance and enhance transparency and coordination of its currently 24 bilateral and multilateral members with each other and with external government, non-governmental and private sector stakeholders. Its core functions are to allow for better coordination & knowledge exchange on land governance programmes, as well as to jointly advocate the relevance of land issues in policy processes which affect international development.

The Chair is to be held on a rotating basis by one of the participating organisations. The current chairmanship (until October 2017) is held by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA-France)

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In 2013, the Working Group on Land developed the Land Governance Programme Map. This interactive mapping tool and database displays there different donors and development agencies are working and what they do with respect to land and resource governance. It currently contains information about more than 600 programmes all over the world.

About Land Governance [ID: 259]

Membership and governance

Members of the Global Donor Working Group on Land include: ADA, AFD, Global Affairs Canada, BMEL, BMZ, DFID, EC, FAO, GIZ, IFAD, IFC, JICA, MCC, MFA-Austria, MFA-Denmark, MFA-Finland, MFA-France, MFA-Netherlands, the Norwegian Mapping Authority (Kartverket), SDC, Sida, USAID, UN-HABITAT and WB.

Key priorities

The Group’s priorities are established in its road map 2014-2017, out of which annual activities are selected (see current work plan). The priorities are:

  1. Information exchange, coordination and cooperation;
  2. Promote country partnership model for better land governance;
  3. Private sector support for better land governance through core business procedures;
  4. More coherent approaches by donor governments;
  5. Strengthened and coordinated land reporting and monitoring


The Group meets physically twice a year: in March, on the margins of the World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty, and in October, on the margins of the Committee on World Food Security.

Between the face-to-face meetings, the Group holds regular conference calls to discuss engagement in specific processes agree and report on the annual activities, exchange information on country-level programmes etc.
All meetings are organized and facilitated by the secretariat of the Global Donor Platform for Rural Development, carrying out decisions taken by members, under the leadership of the Chair.


Contacts GDWGL [ID: 412]

Contact | Secretariat

Romy Sato

Agricultural and Rural Development Advisor

Contact | Member

Harold Liversage

IFAD Land expert & Chair of the Global Donor WG on Land