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About Rural Youth

The future of agriculture and rural development depends on the young generation. Throughout the world, however, being young and living in rural areas equals a twofold challenge. A growing number of donors recognises that empowering the young for a sustainable rural space is critical for sustainable development and for achieving the next level of the SDGs. Youth are at the heart of the future of agriculture, food production and rural development, but it requires inclusive strategies that help to make agriculture and rural livelihoods more attractive for them.

The youth thematic working group is the youngest of the work streams of the platform with a generalised objective of promoting meaningful youth engagement in all stages of donor initiatives in agriculture and rural development. It was founded following the rural youth-themed Annual General Assembly (AGA) in 2018 - "Young and ready to move empowering the new generation in the rural space” which provided a forum for open strategic discussion between donors, international development agencies and youth leaders from different parts of the world. 

The AGA had youth and policymakers raise various issues regarding rural youth empowerment and the role of development partners. Participants came to a consensus that addressing rural transformation effectively requires bringing young rural men and women aboard the decision making process by empowering them to bring their ideas and experiences to enhance their role in policy decision making. It is with this background that the youth thematic group was created with a new partnership model with 50% youth representation and 50% development partners to enhance youth inclusion along with the political decision-making arena. 

Since inception in October 2018, under the facilitation of the secretariat, the TWG has released a concept note highlighting its objectives, and various steps to achieve these objectives have been taken that have included;

  • Holding regular conference calls between participants to keep track of developments within the Youth in agricultural space
  • Holding the first webinar where donors and member partners came together to learn about donor engagement with rural youth,
  • Creation of a dedicated workspace of the platform website with relevant resources, knowledge sharing and information on donors work around rural youth.
  • Development of a work plan and a communication strategy that are underway.