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About Us

The Global Donor Platform for Rural Development is a network of 38 bilateral and multilateral development agencies, international financing institutions and intergovernmental organisations.

The Platform was formed in 2003 through the collective action to lobby for increased public and private investments in agriculture and rural development. The promotion of development effectiveness for inclusive and sustainable rural transformation as a prime objective of the Platform derives from the global call to implement Agenda 2030 and the agreement on Finance for Development by the international community and developing countries.

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Platform Governance

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“Prosperous and sustainable rural communities underpinning global food and nutrition security”.



“To enhance the impact of development investments in agriculture, food systems and rural livelihoods through informed policy and programming”.

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INTERVIEW | Brian Baldwin, IFAD

“We’re not seeking necessarily to change. We’re seeking to add to debates. We’re seeking to extend those debates throughout our membership.”

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Platform's Strategic Plan 2016-2020

Championing the transformation of agriculture, food systems and rural livelihoods constitutes in short the mission of the GDPRD to contribute to the vision of prosperous rural communities.


Platform Annual Report

With the Agenda 2030, agriculture and rural development were put in a new perspective. The international commitment to end hunger and poverty will guide members’ activities over the next 15 years.


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Contact | Co-chair

Patrick Herlant

European Commission DG DEVCO


Contact | Co-chair

Shantanu Mathur

International Fund for Agricultural Development