Florence AGA 2016


The Annual General Assembly is the flagship event of the Global Donor Platform for Rural Development. Each year the 38 members of the Platform, under the leadership of the hosting country, decide what will be the most relevant topic in their development policy portfolio for the next year. Based on this decision the Annual General Assembly in 2016 will focus on the topic of policy coherence between agricultural trade policies and rural development. The Event will be hosted by the Swiss Development Cooperation Agency in Geneva, Switzerland 20-21 January 2016.

In line with the general concept of the AGAs of the Platform (knowledge creation and sharing, advocacy and networking), this AGA 2016 aims to provide space for increasing knowledge on trade opportunities for agriculture and rural development (ARD) and to share with the trade community the policy priority of ARD.

Agricultural trade and market access based on enhanced value-chain development and agri-business of any scale can only successfully the ARD agenda if the common understanding on economic viability, environmental sustainability and social stability is increase within the two communities.

The results of this AGA – as every year – will inform the further work of the Platform’s Trade and Private Sector Group as well as the work carried out under the Strategic Initiative 2030 on the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs and Finance for Development outcomes).

//  Objectives of the Annual General Assembly

The general objectives of Annual General Assemblies of the Global Donor Platform for Rural Development (AGA) are to:

  • Identify potentials and limitations in policy coherence between the national/ regional/ global trade regimes and rural development priorities – how can the two communities grow closer together for food security, economic growth and job creation in the rural space?
  • Critically review trade-related instruments, programmes and policies for their potential to develop sustainable food systems/improved agriculture and to foster inclusive rural development
  • In order to make policy coherence between trade and ARD work for agriculture and the rural space, explore what priority support is already provided or should be offered by the donor community, international organisations and the private sector to enhance trade for food security, agricultural and rural development (ARD)

//  Previous AGAs

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