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Committee on World Food Security

The Committee on World Food Security takes place every year and the Platform is always present, following on different topics such as nutrition, rural transformation, Agenda 2030 implementation and gender equality. The Global Donor Working Group on Land always has its physical meeting in conjunction with CFS and the Platform applies for at least on side-event depending on the topic of interest for the members that particular year.

Rural Youth Employment and Enterpreneurship for Food and Nutrition Security

The event "Rural youth employment and entrepreneurship for food security and nutrition", organised by the European Commission and BMZ focused on the importance of rural youth employment for development and nutrition and food security. The panelists saw the biggest opportunity for job creation in the food system and along agricultural value chains. The growing urbanisation and the demographic developments put demand pressure on the agricultural sector and food systems. At the same time this pressure creates opportunities for use of new technologies, mechanization, for low- and high-skilled jobs, overall making the sector more attractive to young people.

Interviews CFS [ID: 400]

INTERVIEW | Godfrey Bahiigwa, African Union Commission

“You have to have evidence, in order to guide policy and strategy formulation [for rural youth employment]. We need more context specific research to guide our interventions.”

INTERVIEW | Jesse Coleman, CCSI

“The purpose of is both to increase transparency around land deals, but also increase the accessibility of the contracts themselves.”

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