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  • Livestock__ The neglected food security factor

    Global Donor Platform for Rural Development

    The importance of livestock in developing countries is only growing. The rising demand for livestock products and the impacts of climate change push politicians and researchers to pay more attention to the needs of this sector and the people involved in the livestock value chains.

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  • Inclusive Agribusiness in Southeast Asia

    Inclusive Asia

    Southeast Asia is one of the world’s fastest growing regions, where the agricultural sector is of key importance. Unlocking the economic power of Southeast Asia’s smallholder farmers and local agri-food entrepreneurs has become crucial to keep the development pace and secure food and nutrition to

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The new World Bank report has been released.

The report is widely expected to influence the global policy discussion as it provides ample empirical data on large scale land acquisitions with the aim to confront widespread speculation and inform the debate.

The Platform and IISD will host a moderated online discussion with key stakeholder groups on this website starting 13 Sep. Download…

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