• Roundtable on rural transformation - putting agriculture at the center of Agenda2030

    Rome, 24 Oct 2016. The Global Donor Platform for Rural Development, upon invitation of the Italian Agency for International Development, organised a Round Table on rural transformation. In preparation of the event and as part of the objectives agreed by the workstream on rural transformation assembled by the members of the Platform, the secretariat with the support of GIZ sector project on rural development

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  • Ensuring nutritious diets in a climate constrained world

    Rome, 8 Nov 2016. Michel Mordasini from UNSCN presented the new focus of the strategic plan 2016-2020 on investment for health and food systems to support nutrition and economic and sustainable value chains. UNSCN recognises the growing threat of climate change and sees the need to make investments and any way of engagement in food security and nutrition smarter in the way they support production and consumption. Climate change

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  • Climate change negatively affects agriculture and food security

    Online, 18 Aug 2016. The frequency and severity of different climate-related disasters have risen over the last couple of decades, while increasing the damage to the agricultural sector. Especially affected are the developing countries, where agriculture is the main source of income for the majority of the population. FAO has released two reports that

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“ARD Day 2010… demonstrated that agriculture is where climate change, food security, and development intersect… Platform issue papers were particularly helpful.”

World Bank

//  Agriculture and Rural Development Day 2010

Held in parallel to COP16, ARDD 2010 brought agriculture sector adaptation and mitigation strategies to the forefront of the global climate treaty negotiations.

It demonstrated that agriculture is where climate change, food security, and development intersect and advocated for a COP decision on a ‘work program for agriculture’ — and at the same time looked beyond the negotiations.


Agriculture is where climate change, food security, and development intersect

ARDD 2010 showed how agricultural development can contribute to low emission futures, while adapting to climate change and enhancing supporting sustainable food security. The ensuing messages together with those of Forest Day 4 were presented jointly at an official COP side event on 6 Dec.

The 2009 Agriculture and Rural Development Day had increased the focus on the link between agriculture, food security and climate change, as well as forestry. In 2010 the organisers built on that success by identifying policies and practical solutions to reduce agriculture-related greenhouse gas emissions and strengthen global food security and rural development.

  • Agricultural intensification as a REDD strategy
  • Agricultural mitigation and carbon sequestration
  • Adaptation for food security and development outcomes
  • Capturing carbon finance, including through forestry, for agricultural development
  • What scientific, technological, and methodological aspects need to be considered to advance agriculture’s contribution to mitigation and adaptation?

In 2010, ARDD was held for the second time during the UNFCCC COP talks — this time attended by more than 400 policymakers and negotiators, rural development practitioners, agricultural producers, civil society and the agricultural and climate change scientific community.


The organising committee of ARDD 2010 prepared a statement as a summary of the day.

More communications materials available at agricultureday.org - a site maintained by the Platform.

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The event was co-hosted by CGIAR, the Platform and the Mexican Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food.