Donors engagement in inclusive agribusiness [ID: 272]

Donors’ engagement in inclusive agribusiness

Inclusive Agribusiness Roundtable on Southeast Asia

In September 2015 more than 100 participants came together to share their experiences in inclusive agribusiness in the region and the major related challenges, trends and opportunities.

Southeast Asia is one of the world’s fastest growing regions, where the agricultural sector is of key importance. Unlocking the economic power of Southeast Asia’s smallholder farmers and local agri-food entrepreneurs has become crucial to keep the development pace and secure food and nutrition to the region’s poor.
Designed as a series of case-based and practice-oriented roundtable discussions, the Inclusive Asia Roundtable brought together in 2015 senior business leaders, policy representatives, key development practitioners and research experts involved in the transformation of agricultural value chains in South East Asia. The purpose of the discussions was to identify on-the-ground actions that would further sustainable agriculture in the region.
The event was jointly convened by the Global Donor Platform for Rural Development, World’s Economic Forum (WEF) Grow Asia Partnership, Australian’s Department of Foreign Affairs (DFAT), Centre for Development Innovation (CDI) Seas of Change Initiative and Australia’s Food Systems Innovation (FSI) Initiative.

Pre-AGA meeting on Inclusive Agribusiness

Organised back-to-back to the Platform’s Annual General Assembly in January 2016, this meeting brought together donors, knowledge institutes, NGOs and private sector to review their experiences in inclusive agribusiness and interest to pursue a joint agenda in this field.

With the title „Investing in Inclusive Agribusiness - Trends, Opportunities and Challenges“, this meeting highlighted the critical role the private sector in conjunction with public investments and enabling policies can play in contributing to poverty reduction. Major streams of current work on inclusive agribusiness were presented exploring how they could be scaled up and providing ideas for future activities by the Donor Platform to strengthen inclusive agribusiness.

Lisa Dreier presented the World Economic Forum’s “New Vision for Agriculture” which is catalysing already existing partnerships in 19 countries across Asia, Africa and Latin America to promote agricultural growth through market-based approaches. Mike Albu introduced BEAM Exchange, a one-stop shop for sharing knowledge and improving the impact of market system approaches on poverty reduction. David Bright from Oxfam mapped out opportunities and risks of agricultural investments highlighting structural and social barriers as well as a lack of common vision as main obstacles for agricultural investment. Joost Guijt from Seas of Change concluded the event by elaborating on how to tackle these risks through improved donor coordination and harmonisation. Agricultural specialist Jim Woodhill was in charge of the moderation.


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