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Africa-EU Summit 2017

Global | | Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire

The international context and EU-Africa relations are constantly evolving, presenting new challenges and opportunities. The Africa-EU Partnership is adapting to these changing realities through constant formal dialogue between African and European counterparts at different levels:

  • EU-Africa Summits of Heads of States and Governments take place every three years alternatively in Africa and Europe. These Summits take stock of the progress made in the implementation of commitments made and provide political guidance for further work
  • Ministerial meetings take place on an ad hoc basis to monitor the progress achieved between Summits
  • The Joint Annual Forum (formerly 'Joint Task Force' meetings) covering all areas of cooperation within the framework of the Joint Strategy, gather sectoral experts from member states, institutions, civil society organisations and other relevant stakeholders once a year to assess progress made with regard to the implementation of the JAES
  • College-to-College meetings between the European Commission and the African Union Commission take place on an annual basis alternatively in Brussels and Addis Ababa to provide political and operational impetus to Africa-EU relations
  • Regular High Level dialogues and expert level meetings ensure the implementation of the Road Map, such as the reference group on Infrastructure, or the EU-Africa High Level Policy Dialogue (HLPD) expert group on science, technology and innovation

The central theme for the Summit will be 'Youth', which has become a key priority for Europe as well as Africa, in a context of African demographic trends creating major challenges for young people in terms of migration, security and employment.

On 4 May 2017, the European Commission and the EEAS issued a Joint Communication that sets out the vision and strategic interests of the EU in a reinforced partnership with Africa. The Communication describes the profound changes the continent is going through - economic, political and societal and stresses the mutual benefits Europe and Africa can gain from increased political and economic ties.

ABOUT Africa-EU Partnership

The Africa-EU Strategic Partnership is the formal channel through which the European Union and the African continent work together. It is based on the Joint Africa-Europe Strategy adopted by Heads of State and Government at the second EU-Africa Summit in 2007. The current Roadmap 2014-2017 sets out concrete targets within 5 priority areas of cooperation agreed at the 4th EU-Africa Summit in 2014.

Africa-EU Partnership


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