Event [ID: 160]

5th Africa Food Security Conference 2017

Global | | Nairobi, Kenya

Africa’s economic future depends on success in agriculture, which in turn depends on empowering famers (especially smallholder farmers (with less than two hectares) - who constitute about 80% of all farms) - to increase productivity by adopting modern farming methods. However, success in agriculture which in turn ensures food security can be a daunting task. There are myriad factors and interrelated parts that, in combination, make food security a complex challenge.

This 2 day conference will kick start discussions addressing the needs of a dynamic food security program. Climate change, agri inputs, water scarcity, land rights, fairer agricultural policies, technological developments- all of these issues and more will be addressed as we seek ways to infinitely maximize the crop yields on existing resources in- face of ever-decreasing farm size due to land subdivision as Africa's population grows.

ABOUT Africa Food Security Conference

Closing the Productivity Gap in the African Food Security, this annual flagship event will this year seek to showcase solutions that will close the productivity gap as a stride toward alleviating food insecurity in the continent. Whether it is to increase yields, save water, improve soil health, produce renewable energy or simply increase know how, there will be myriad of solutions to showcase at AFSC 2017 to help food producers across the animal production, aquaculture, and crop production and horticulture industries.


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