Event [ID: 160]

5th Global Science Conference on Climate-Smart Agriculture

Global | | Bali, Indonesia

The 5th Global Science Conference on Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) will be held in Bali, Indonesia under the overarching theme "Transforming Food System Under a Changing Climate". During the three days event, the interactive discussion sessions with young peers will focus on the following 6 interlined sub-themes:

  • Empowering farmers and consumer organizations, women and youth
  • Digitally enabled climate-informed services
  • Climate-resilient and low emission practices and technologies
  • Innovative finance to leverage public and private sector investments
  • Reshaping supply chains, food retail, marketing and procurement
  • Fostering enabling policies and institutions


The conference will bring together key actors from diverse perspectives and regions, including policy makers, government officials, development champions and practicioners, private sectors and scientists from across the world.

Furter information about the Conference is available on the website.


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