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Global Soil Week 2017

Global | | Berlin, Germany

The GSW 2017 aims to contribute to the HLPF Theme “Eradicating poverty and promoting prosperity in a changing world”. It will do so by looking at the subset of SDGs that are under review by the HLPF 2017 through the perspective of land and soils, thereby providing an integrating perspective across the SDGs; contributing data and other forms of knowledge complementary to the SDG indicators. The GSW 2017 also aims to serve as bridge to empower different actors to share their priorities on the SDG implementation. Proceeding like this, the GSW 2017 intends to catalyse SDG implementation.

Specifically, it is intented to:

  • Account for trade-offs and seek synergies between the SDGs
  • Move from knowledge production and sharing to learning processes that feed into action;
  • Empower actors to be able to contribute to follow up and review processes of the 2030 Agenda;
  • Increase the ownership of the 2030 Agenda;
  • Address critical pressure points, namely: (i) Net resource pressures; (ii) Consumption and production patterns; (iii) Access and rights to resources.

ABOUT Global Soil Forum

The work of the IASS Global Soil Forum with an international network of partners envisions a world in which soil is sustainably managed and responsibly governed. This is a vision in which functioning ecosystems and the equitable distribution of resources predominate over the current reality of land degradation, enduring poverty and hunger.

The last five years have witnessed significant progress in reaching a global consensus on the protection of our soils and the governance of our land. To cite just two examples: by adopting the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, governments have committed themselves to “strive to achieve a land degradation neutral world” by the year 2030. In 2012, members of the UN Committee on World Food Security adopted the ‘Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land’ (VGGT), which outline globally agreed principles for responsible land governance.

Global Soil Forum


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