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The members agreed on a new set of roles for the Platform: advocacy, knowledge-sharing and networking.

A central instrument in fulfilling these roles is the organisation and presence at events relevant to the aspirations of the Platform. In its mandate to champion rural development, the Platform organises events as a neutral convening space for members and partners to work together on issues of common interest, share experience and expertise and to network with other ARD professionals. With the Platform’s participation in international events, effective knowledge sharing and advocacy are ensured. In this Calendar you will find Platform-organised events, Platform governance-related meetings as well as an overview of major relevant international events. A special attention is paid to the Annual General Assembly, as the main event of the Platform, to CFS and the World Bank annual Land and Poverty Conference, where Platform members and the secretariat are always present.

COVID-19 [ID: 508]

The global situation with the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus) and lockdowns in most countries also impacts conferences, workshops and travels. For specific information on the events listed in this calendar, please consult the individual organisers, who may provide information regarding cancellations or new dates.

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6. December
Global | Monday, 6. December 2021 | Virtual, CET

Improving Access to Land for Youth: Tools and Practical Experiences

Improving Access to Land for Youth: Tools and Practical Experiences

Young people are often excluded from access to land due to economic and cultural constraints, increased land fragmentation or discriminatory customary practices. The thematic working groups on Rural Youth Employment and on Land Governance Global Donor Platform will discuss measures to secure and strengthen access to land taking into greater account of the needs, challenges and potentials of the young generation of future farmers. 

Email to receive the link to the session.


7. December
Global | Tuesday, 7. December 2021 | Tokyo

Nutrition for Growth Summit 2021

The Tokyo Nutrition for Growth (N4G) Summit provides a historic opportunity to transform the way the world tackles the global challenge of malnutrition. The Summit comes at a critical time, midway through the United Nations (UN) Decade of Action on Nutrition, with only five years left to achieve the World Health Assembly (WHA) targets on maternal, infant and young child nutrition, and 10 years to reach the SDGs.



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