Inclusive Agribusiness and Trade [ID: 40]

Inclusive Agribusiness and Trade

The Donor Platform has two independent work streams on trade and inclusive agribusiness, but with many synergies. While the thematic focus of each is slightly different, the contact persons from donor agencies and partner organisations engaging on both work streams are quite the same.

For that reason, some of the meetings, conference calls and webinars can be held together, addressing both the trade and inclusive agribusiness agendas. The Donor Platform manages a work stream which combines the issues of trade and inclusive agribusiness. While the thematic focus of each is slightly different, the contact persons from donor agencies and partner organisations engaging on both work streams are quite the same. Discussions under Trade focus on the global trade regime and regional markets, also addressing the still persistent gap between trade policies and agricultural and rural development policies. The Inclusive agribusiness work stream is dealing with market approaches & initiatives aimed at small to medium-scale farmers as a driver to enhance economic opportunities and reduce poverty in the rural space.

Platform members and partners engaging in this work stream include: WTO, DFAT-Australia, ITC, ICTSD, ECDPM, MFA-NL, EC, USAID, IADC-Italy, IFAD, GIZ, FAO, LuxDev and WB.

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Inclusive Agribusiness & Trade Working Group Physical Meeting

19 June 2019 | Zurich, Switzerland

The Inclusive Agribusiness & Trade Thematic Working Group of the Global Donor Platform for Rural Development held a physical meeting, back to back to the Platform's Annual General Assembly, to share knowledge on their specific work on IAB & T in a lively roundtable discussion on 19 June.


Better aligning agriculture and aid for trade

19 December 2018

Agriculture and aid for trade (AfT) are two key areas of development cooperation that share many synergies and seek similar or the same development objectives; however, there is a lack of coordination between the two areas. A new study released by the Global Donor Platform for Rural Development looks ways to bridge this gap.


What was heard about private sector and inclusive agribusiness in CFS45

Rome | Italy | 15-19 Oct 2018

At CFS45 many sessions revolved around themes agribusiness, sustainable finance for small and medium-size enterprises, diversifying markets for small-scale farmers or public-private partnerships. The Secretariat of the Global Donor Platform was on the spot and captured some interesting experiences and recurring messages.


Events Inclusive Agribusiness and Trade [ID: 181]
25. August
Global | Sunday, 25. August 2019 | Biarritz, France

45th G7 summit

Influential regional leaders and civil society organizations from around the world will join the G7 member states, European Council, and European Commission, on an unprecedented scale, to discuss global policy issues.


3. September
Global | Tuesday, 3. September 2019 | Accra, Ghana

2010 African Green Revolution Forum (AGRF)

Topic: Grow Digital - Leveraging digital transformation to drive sustainable food systems in Africa


17. September
Global | Tuesday, 17. September 2019 | New York City, USA

74th Session of the UN General Assembly (UNGA 74)

Important topic for 2019 UNGA ranges from universal health coverage and Sustainable Development Goals' finances to the elimination of nuclear weapons and the progress in development cooperation with Small Island Developing States (SIDS).


20. September
Global | Friday, 20. September 2019 | Principality of Monaco, Monaco

51st session of the IPCC

The core agenda for the Session is panels' consideration of the Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate.


Interviews Inclusive Agribusiness and Trade [ID: 274]

Webinar | Jim Woodhill, Consultant

“Inclusive agribusiness is a profitable agriculture or food sector venture that is designed to significantly benefit poor producers and/or consumers.”

Webinar |Andreas Springer-Heinze, GIZ

“The application of the business model approach helps to identify and develop business models that create jobs and income.”

Interview | Evelyn Nguleka, World Farmers Organisation

“Farmers must be at the center of the global and rural agricultural economies. They are called to produce sustainably food for a growing world, and to make sure that the environment is safe.”

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Publications Inclusive Agribusiness and Trade [ID: 276]


OECD released a new publication in the West African Papers series with the focus on food economy and employment. The publication offers advice on what aspects to consider while designing targeted employment strategies, relevant for the rural youth and women.


The Global Donor Platform for Rural Development, in close cooperation with our partners from ECDPM, commissioned an analysis on the issues of building coherence between trade and agriculture and rural development policies and strategies.


OECD relseased a publication in May that looked into the issues of international trade and the impact it has for developing countries, analysing the advantages of enhanced international trade and some systematic issues.


Trade is gaining more importnace in the field of sustainable development. In the last couple of months, several international organisations paid attention to the positive role trade plays in achieving the SDGs. WTO and FAO analysed health and environment standards of food trade.

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Discussion notes

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Contact | Secretariat

Romy Sato

Agricultural and Rural Development Advisor

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