International processes [ID: 249]

International processes

The Global Donor Working Group on Land, whenever possible, engages on international processes to highlight land governance as a cross-cutting issue in development.

The aim of such engagement is to clarify the links between land tenure and other development priorities and raise this topic in the international agenda. Members of the Group may engage individually, though their role as Member States or as participating entities in international fora, but as much as possible in a coordinated way.

Committee on World Food Security (CFS)

Following the endorsement by the CFS of the Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land, Fisheries and Forests (VGGT), members of the Working Group on Land are firmly committed to support that the VGGT are applied on the ground. Through side events during the CFS, as well as in other conferences, the Group encourages discussion and feedback by multiple actors on the challenges and opportunities to implement the VGGT.

In 2016 the Working Group has contributed to the CFS exercise and plenary session on monitoring of the VGGT with some ideas on how demonstrate the impact of the Guidelines at the global and country level.


At the G8 “Open for Growth” event on 15 June 2013 G8 members committed to:

  • Support greater transparency in land transactions including at early stages, responsible governance of tenure of land, and increase capacity in developing countries
  • Establish partnerships with at least seven developing countries, including relevant international organisations, to accelerate and target support to countries’ existing land governance programmes in conjunction with businesses, in particular farmers, and civil society

The seven pilot country partnerships were Burkina Faso (US), Niger (EU), Nigeria (UK), Senegal (France), South Sudan (EU), Tanzania (UK) and Ethiopia (UK, US, Germany). The Ethiopia partnership was only concluded in December 2013, i.e. six months after the original pilots which were launched in June. Work will be taken forward with appropriate delays in finalisation of action plan, progress reporting, etc. The Global Donor Working Group on Land has agreed to support the land partnerships through pro-actively sharing lessons learned, progress, and accountability reports.

Contacts Land Governance [ID: 263]

Contact | Member

Fritz Jung

German Federal Ministry for Economic Development and Cooperation, partnerships with Ethiopia

Contact | Member

Heath Cosgrove and Rick Gaynor

USAID, partnerships with Burkina Faso

Contact | Member

Mercedes Stickler and Zemen Haddis

USAID, partnerships with Ethiopia

Contact | Member

Mathieu Boche and Laurence Coste

French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development, partnerships with Senegal

Contact | Member

Joachim Knoth

European Commission, parterships with South Sudan and Niger

Contact | Member

Terence Powell (until 2014) and Iris Krebber

DFID, parterships with Tnazania, Nigeria and Ethiopia