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Denis Kabiito on realising the potential of rural youth in agriculture

Denis Kabiito, National Coordinator of the Uganda National Farmers’ association gave an input during an event at CFS44 focusing on rural youth employment and the role younger generations will play to close the gap between rural transformation and urbanisation. He took the time to speak to the secretariat and lay out the political priorities he sees donor interventions should focus on in Uganda.

Priority action fields

First he mentioned the need to make farms profitable, business-like and therefore more attractive to youth interested in higher income and decent jobs. Also, it is important to support organisations that can help carry the youth’ messages to the higher political levels, giving them voice and making them relevant. Especially in the agricultural sector, there is currently a mismatch between the skills needed by the sector and the skills youth is obtaining. So vocational trainings, mentoring programs, incubation farms and peer-to-peer exchange can help close this gap and increase the chances of finding a job in the agricultural sector. National political will should be translated into targeted actions that support the close links between rural and (peri-)urban areas, ensuring access to services, finance and education.

Next to supporting the national governments, donor agencies should also look into partnerships with existing civil society that also work on the topic.


Denis Kabiito | Uganda National Young Farmers Association

Denis Kabiito on realising the potential of rural youth in agriculture. Oct 2017

The above video is an edited version of the interview, conducted by Martina Karaparusheva from the secretariat of the Global Donor Platform for Rural Development during CFS44 October 2017.

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