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Ingrid Hoven on the importance of agriculture and climate for the development agenda

The secretariat of the Global Donor Platform for Rural Development sat down for a short interview with Ms. Ingrid Hoven, Global Issues Sector policies and programmes, BMZ. Ms. Hoven talked about the correlation between climate change and agriculture and the importance the agricultural sector continues to gain in climate change related debates. Moreover, both sectors have many correlations that make joint efforts indispensable.

Agriculture is a contributor and a victim of climate change, at the same time agriculture is the sector that will drive and shape transformational change in many of the developing countries. These interdependencies were recognised by the developing countries with more than 90% of them explicitly linking agriculture with climate change mitigation and adaptation measures in their NDCs.

The NDC partnership

The NDC partnership was launched at COP 22 in Marrakesh in November 2016. Six months later the Thematic Working Group on Agriculture, Food Security and Land use (TWG) was established. This development showed that there is a shift in the debate on agriculture and climate change and those agricultural issues will remain in the focus of climate policy. In the light of the Paris agreement, the establishment of the TWG and the COP 23 decision to include agriculture into reporting in SBSTA and SBI, Germany has continuously increased their commitments to agriculture and BMZ is actively working to mainstream climate change in agricultural projects. Focus on the reinforcement of resilience in all sectors, using the NDC partnership to influence policy dialogue and facilitate cross-sectoral actions at national level.

Climate change as key to the new development agenda

The Paris agreement changed the climate change by linking it to the development goals. The road to Agenda2030 implementation will require actions on climate change as the impacts of extreme weather is already affecting access to natural resources. The climate change debate is forcing the international community to think about transformation and developed countries will have to play the leading role. The newest decision taken by COP23 only reinforces the shift in agenda and confirms that the world stands united on climate change issues and that it sees agriculture as an integral part of the solution.


Ingrid Hoven | BMZ

Ingrid Hoven on the importance of agriculture and climate for the development agenda. Mar 2018

The importance of agriculture for climate change adaptation and mitigation is broadly recognised by developing countries’ policies and reflected in international agreements. The secretariat of the Platform talked to BMZ about the progress of NDC partnerships and the role of the agricultural sector.

How is BMZ adapting programs to reflect the link between climate change and agriculture?

The NDC Partnership will help influence the policy dialogue

What can developed and developing countries jointly focus on?

Is climate change the key to implementing the new development agenda?

Climate Change forces us to think about transformation

Importance of agriculture for climate change and sustainable development


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