Geneva, 3 Feb 2016. World Farmers Organisation’s (WFO) President, Dr. Evelyn Nguleka delivered the keynote speech at the Annual General Assembly of the Global Donor Platform for Rural Development. In her speech she highlighted the importance of the Policy on Trade that the Organisation agreed on in 2013. The common policy brought several challenges that farmers are facing including pressure to produce more and more food in a sustainable manner.

Bonn, 8 Jan 2016. In his keynote address to a GIZ symposium on rural transformation, Steve Wiggins made a strong plea to be patient with policies and give chosen development strategies a chance. Wiggins noted that Asia has gone through the necessary transitions, but it took no less than 30 years. In debates on Africa, there are constantly targets set for the next five years. The research fellow of ODI (Overseas Development Institute) elaborates on the nature and history of rural transformation and transitions, social differences, policy implications and the fundamental impact that underlying assumptions of social theories can have on long term development decisions.

Seoul, 12 Nov 2015. Two decades ago, Republic of Korea was a recipient for international aid. After the development and implementation of the Saemaul Undong and the extraordinary economic growth, the country is now listed next to new and established donors. The success of the Saemaul Undong model, according to Mr. Kim Young-mok lays at large on the involvement of young people, especially women and the participatory and voluntary bottom-up nature of the approach. In reflecting how the successes of this model can be adapted to current times and in different countries, KOICA’s president emphasised the importance of using new technology (be it for revenue creation or health, education, environmental protection, communication etc.) to create impact.

Frankfurt, 21 Aug 2015. Four critical aspects have to be considered by development finance to achieve more impact on the ground. – In this interview Crispino Lobo, founder of the Watershed Trust, presents a clear structure of how a good investment environment should look like to be successful in his view.

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