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World Bank Land Conference

The World Bank Land Conference takes place every year in March and the Platform is always present. The Global Donor Working Group on Land always has its physical meeting in conjunction with the conference and it always applies for at least one side-event depending on the topic of interest for the members that particular year.

Migration and land tenure dynamics

On 23 March 2017, the Global Donor Working Group on Land held a session at the World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty titled “Migration and land tenure dynamics – What are the challenges and perspectives for policies and interventions?” to provide a better understanding of the land - migration nexus but also to identify recommendations for meaningful donor support on land governance in post conflict situations.
Migration has always been a phenomenon of much interest to national governments and the international community. Researchers and experts have highlighted strong connections between migrations and land tenure dynamics. On the one hand migration can be perceived as a driver of fragility leading to conflicts over access to land, but on the other hand several examples have demonstrated that the integration of migrants under certain social obligations into the host community have existed for quite a long time.

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