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World Bank Land Conference

The World Bank Land Conference takes place every year in March and the Platform is always present. The Global Donor Working Group on Land always has its physical meeting in conjunction with the conference and it always applies for at least one side-event depending on the topic of interest for the members that particular year.

Influencing the next tier of companies: promoting responsible land-based investments

Each year, the Global Donor Working Group on Land organises a session at the Land and Poverty Conference of the World Bank.
This year, the session explored new ways donors and other actors can reach and influence the practices of companies investing in land at national level. It looked at key incentives and constraints faced by investors in influencing the practices of investees and tools they use to assess and manage tenure risk. Besides contributions from panelists, introductory remarks were given by Harold Liversage (IFAD and chair of the GDWGL) and moderation by Chris Penrose-Buckley (DFID, vice-chair of the GDWGL).

Land Governance and the SDGs

A paper co-authored by Romy Sato on the issues surrounding the consolidation and harmonisation of land governance monitoring initiatives under the SDGs will be presented at a side event on 20 March 2018 at the World Bank Land Conference.
This paper describes key actors in the land governance community and beyond who are making significant efforts to ensure land-related SDGs remain part of the 2030 Agenda and are tracked and made widely available to stakeholders in the land governance community and specifically to National Statistical Offices (NSOs). It provides a detailed overview of the initiatives currently underway to monitor and amplify efforts focused on achieving land-related SDGs in the 2030 Agenda through research, advocacy and communications, and explores opportunities to consolidate and harmonize these initiatives and improve their effectiveness vis-à-vis targeted stakeholder groups.

Migration and land tenure dynamics

On 23 March 2017, the Global Donor Working Group on Land held a session at the World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty titled “Migration and land tenure dynamics – What are the challenges and perspectives for policies and interventions?” to provide a better understanding of the land - migration nexus but also to identify recommendations for meaningful donor support on land governance in post conflict situations.
Migration has always been a phenomenon of much interest to national governments and the international community. Researchers and experts have highlighted strong connections between migrations and land tenure dynamics. On the one hand migration can be perceived as a driver of fragility leading to conflicts over access to land, but on the other hand several examples have demonstrated that the integration of migrants under certain social obligations into the host community have existed for quite a long time.

Interviews Land Conf [ID: 411]

Interview | Chris Penrose Buckley, DFID

“There is a lot of people that have a stake in this (SDG land) indicator and want to be part of the process of making sure that the methodology is robust and it gets to the stage when it is a formal SDG indicator.”

Interview | Oumar Sylla, UN-HABITAT

“This indicator will give us opportunity to track progress made on adressing the issue tenure security.”

INTERVIEW | Jesse Coleman, CCSI

“The purpose of OpenLandContracts.org is both to increase transparency around land deals, but also increase the accessibility of the contracts themselves.”

Interview | Aurélie Chevrillon, AFD AND MATHIEU BOCHE, MFA-FRANCE

“It’s true that our institution recognised that the land issues are in our entire rural and agricultural portfolio, it’s a question of development effectiveness.”

Webinar | Lorenzo Cotula, IIED

“It is hard to overstate how important land is in many low- and middle income countries, not only in an economic sense, but also in socio-cultural terms.”

Events Land Conf [ID: 410]
29. September
Global | Thursday, 29. September 2022 | Online

UNCCD - International conference: Forestry science for sustainable development

To mark the thirtieth anniversary of the Faculty of Forestry, University of Banja Luka and 30 years of PFE "Šume Republike Srpske" ad Sokolac, with the support of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and The International Union for Conservation of Nature , is organizing an international scientific conference FORS²D under the theme "Perspectives of forestry and related sectors as drivers of sustainable development in the post-COVID era".


6. October
Global | Thursday, 6. October 2022 | IFAD HQ - Rome, Italy

A Decade of the CFS VGGT: Assessing progress and enhancing accountability

As part of the 10th anniversary commemoration of the CFS VGGT, the Inclusive Rural Transformation and Gender Equality Division (ESP) will organize a technical event composed of a series of round table discussions.


10. October
Global | Monday, 10. October 2022 | IMF-WBG HQ - Washington, DC

IMF and World Bank Meetings

The 2022 Annual Meetings of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank Group (WBG) will take place in the IMF and World Bank Group headquarters, in Washington DC. Keystones of the meetings are the Plenary session, the Development Committee and the International Monetary and Financial Committee meetings. 


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