Accra, 28 Apr 2016. On 12 April 2016, the Global Panel and the AU’s Partnership for Aflatoxin Control in Africa (PACA) held a High-Level Roundtable in Accra, Ghana, that brought together decision-makers from across Africa to discuss issues around food safety and inform and inspire high-level champions to tackle aflatoxins in African countries. The roundtable took place to coincide with the 12th Comprehensive African Agriculture Development Program Partnership Platform.

Accra, 26 Apr 2016. The 12th CAADP Partnership Platform took place with the objective of “walking the talk” of the CAADP framework, the Malabo declaration and Agenda 2063. Practical implementation was the core focus of the 12th CAADP PP which is the first PP since the Malabo declaration. The expectation was to build a shared understanding of country and regional needs for rolling out the implementation strategy and road maps, including partnerships that can support this implementation.

Nairobi, 18 Apr 2016. The ministerial negotiations in Nairobi, in December 2015, revealed a wide range of different members’ priorities. Developing countries submitted proposals on a new agricultural safeguard and on public food stockholding, whereas a number of members from developed countries rather focused on negotiating agricultural export subsidies to secure an agreement on export competition. Despite the differences, the ministers came to an agreement to eliminate agricultural subsidies.

Online, 18 Apr 2016. The UK’s Centre for Ecology & Hydrology and Scotland’s James Hutton Institute have announced a centre-to-centre research partnership on food security and agriculture with the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China’s leading agricultural research institute with over 7000 staff.

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