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The website conveys specific, helpful information and herewith supports the work of the members. Furthermore the website positions the Platform as a forum that is engaged in knowledge-sharing, advocacy and networking. The latest section aims to improve the interaction between members and raise awareness about agriculture and rural development policies by offering reliable and synthesised information about international and members’ related news and activities in ARD.

Food and Agriculture in Times of Crises

Agenda 2030 | Brussels | Belgium | 2-3 April 2019

The Global Report on Food Crises 2019 was launched at the high-level event, “Food and Agriculture in Times of Crises – Working Better Together for Long Term Solutions,” hosted by the European Commission on behalf of the Global Network Against Food Crises from 2-3 April 2019.


Agricultural Development Policy: a contemporary agenda

Agenda 2030 | Bonn | Germany | 10 April 2019

Prof. Dr. Steve Wiggins visited GIZ to discuss the progress and finalization of the 3rd edition of the forthcoming publication “Agricultural development policy: a contemporary agenda”.


‘Empower Women, Power Trade’ Initiative to Strengthen Women’s Economic Empowerment in LDCs

Gender | Tokyo, Japan | 23 March 2019

The Enhanced Integrated Framework's new ‘Empower Women, Power Trade’ initiative aims to increase the economic empowerment of women in Least Developed Countries.


How to achieve the SDGs and Global Commitments on Land?

Land Governance | Washington, DC | USA | 28 Mar 2019

The Global Donor Working Group on Land (GDWGL) made a deep dive into this question during an interactive session at the 2019 World Bank Land Conference


More powerful together: Alone in gender is no solution

Gender | March 2019

“More Powerful Together”, the theme of this year’s International Women’s Day recognised the important roles we all play to advance gender equality. A number of Platform members’ activities focused on exactly that.


2019 Global Food Policy Report

Agenda 2030 | Washington, DC| USA | 27 March 2018

IFPRI’s flagship report reviews the major food policy issues, developments, and decisions of 2018, and considers challenges and opportunities ahead.


African Nutrition Scorecard launched by the African Union Commission and African Development Bank

Agenda 2030 | February 2019

The African Leaders for Nutrition Initiative (ALN), a joint African Union Commission and African Development Bank (AfDB) initiative, issued a recent report indicating that despite recent gains in addressing and lowering malnutrition on the African continent, many African nations are still facing increasing rates of childhood stunting, overweight children, and wasting.


2019 G7 Summit in France to Tackle Global Inequality: Agriculture Discussions to Take Place in Development Ministerial Meetings

Climate Change | January 2019

The increased inequality in today’s world will be the central theme to France’s G7 Presidency this year at the G7 Summit, 24-26 August in Biarritz, France. In its strategy, gender equality and climate will be two priorities.


Agriculture and Climate-Smart Approaches Gain Prominence at COP24

Climate Change | Katowice | Poland | 2-14 December 2018

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) 24th Conference of the Parties (COP24) in Katowice, Poland continued the work of last year’s COP regarding agriculture’s role in climate change adaptation and mitigation. The conference saw the inauguration of the Koronivia Joint Work on Agriculture (KJWA) that focuses on addressing approaches to food security, the vulnerability of agriculture to climate change, and how to mitigate agriculture’s contribution to climate change.