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The website conveys specific, helpful information and herewith supports the work of the members. Furthermore the website positions the Platform as a forum that is engaged in knowledge-sharing, advocacy and networking. The latest section aims to improve the interaction between members and raise awareness about agriculture and rural development policies by offering reliable and synthesised information about international and members’ related news and activities in ARD.

Financing to catalyse private sector investments in climate-smart agriculture

Climate Change | Online | 11 Apr 2016 |The IADB launched an initiative Climate-Smart Agriculture Fund for Latin America and the Caribbean to facilitate finance while promoting climate resilience.


Decade of Nutrition

Nutrition | Rome | Italy | 11 Apr 2016 | The UN resolution aims to trigger intensified action to end hunger and eradicate malnutrition worldwide, and ensure universal access to healthier and more sustainable diets.


No one left behind: GAP newsletter on women and nutrition security

Nutrition | Online | 06 Apr 2016 | This Special Issue of the GAP Newsletter brings us a guest editorial by Lynn Brown, GAP Catalyst and Chair of the Nutrition work stream of the Global Donor Platform for Rural Development.


Inclusive Development in Africa - the role of rural transformation

Agenda 2030 | Paris| France| 05 Apr 2016 | The effective implementation of Agenda2030 will strongly depend on the development of Africa’s rural space and the rural-urban dynamics.


Land policy at the center of territorial development and governance

Land Governance | Paris | France | 29 March 2016 | The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the French Development Agency set up the Land Tenure and Development Technical Committee back in 1996.


Setting donors priorities to improve global land governance

Land Governance | Washington D.C. | USA | 26 March 2016 | On 17 March 2016, the Global Donor Working Group on Land hosted a session at the 17th World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty. The session, entitled “Good Land Governance in Public and Private Domains: Setting Donors’ Priorities”, aimed at identifying leverage points for donors to help improve land governance worldwide.


BMZ takes over presidency of the CAADP-Development Partners Task Team (DPTT)

CAADP | Bonn | Germany| 29 Feb 2016 | The presidency of the CAADP DPTT has been taken over by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Co-operation and Development (BMZ) as of January 1st, 2016.


Improving global land governance with technologies, partnerships and donor coherence

Land Governance | Bonn | Germany | 26 Feb 2016 | The Donor Platform releases four studies on the latest developments in open data technologies, donor coherence and partnerships with multiple stakeholders and with the private sector as leverage points for donors to help improve land governance worldwide.


GFFA and G20 highlight the role of agriculture in achieving food security

General | Berlin | Germany | 16 Jun 2016 |The Agriculture ministries of G20 and the Global Forum for Food and Agriculture (GFFA) reaffirmed the role of agriculture and rural development in achieving food security.