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The website conveys specific, helpful information and herewith supports the work of the members. Furthermore the website positions the Platform as a forum that is engaged in knowledge-sharing, advocacy and networking. The latest section aims to improve the interaction between members and raise awareness about agriculture and rural development policies by offering reliable and synthesised information about international and members’ related news and activities in ARD.

Ceres2030: Sustainable Solutions to End Hunger

Agenda 2030 | Rome | Italy | 16 Oct. 2018

What is the most effective way to end hunger sustainably? And what would it cost? These two questions are central to a new initiative: CERES 2030 aims at giving answers to the fundamental endeavour to evaluate the benefits, costs and trade-offs of agricultural interventions to ensure effective action.


Opportunities for the Rural Youth Agenda

RuralYouth | October 22 2018 This online discussion provided a chance to learn about donor directions towards rural youth, as well as highlight the work of the CAADP Youth Network.


Global Hunger Index 2018 – Increased Efforts and Innovative Approaches Needed to Achieve SDG2

Agenda 2030 | Bonn/Berlin | 19 October 2018

The 2018 Global Hunger Index (GHI) reveals a disquieting gap between actual progress in combating hunger and malnutrition and those factors needed to address them and further alleviate human suffering.The GHI, jointly published by Concern Worldwide and Welthungerhilfe, identifies the global hunger situation and points out where the greatest need for action exists.


Donors Announce "50 by 2030" initiative for Data to End Hunger

Agenda 2030 | New York | USA| 24 Sep. 2018

In an unprecedented effort to harness the power of data to boost the productivity and livelihoods of the world’s 500 million small-holder farmers, a coalition of Platform members together with representatives from Kenya, Ghana and Columbia pledged commitment to produce the largest-ever collection of data for agricultural development by 2030.


Lead, Measure, Grow. The Africa Green Revolution Forum (AGRF) 2018

Agenda 2030 | Kigali | Rwanda | September 2018 The African Green Revolution Forum (AGRF) is a platform for global and African leaders to develop actionable plans that will move African agriculture forward.


Towards Zero Hunger SDG Conference in Wageningen: Partnerships key to achieve impact

Agenda 2030 | Wageningen | The Netherlands | Sep. 2018 Over 700 key stakeholders from across the globe discussed their views and contributions for achieving Sustainable Development Goal 2, Zero Hunger.


Donors discuss challenges and good practices to measure success of inclusive agribusiness

Agenda 2030 | Berlin | Germany | June 2018 | On the 12th of June 2018, the Global Donor Platform held a roundtable in Berlin to share experiences with M&E of inclusive agribusiness and agricultural value chain interventions.


Swiss agency is looking for proposals

Agenda 2030 | | May - June 2018 | The Global Programme Food Security of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) has recently opened two Calls for Proposals. The first one is about innovations in urban food systems. The second one focuses on finding solutions for the promotion of the ecologically sustainable water management for food security.


Blended finance: bridging the investment gap for the SDGs

Agenda 2030 | Paris | France | Jan - Feb 2018 | What is blended finance, can it mitigate the risk of SDG-related investments, and how to use this tool strategically to increase the development impact? These questions were discussed in the knowledge-exchange and learning session, organised in Paris jointly by OECD Development Centre and investor network institution Convergence.