Rome, 15 Jul 2015. The publication covers key aspects of regional food security and nutrition, including evolution of undernourishment (and other forms of malnutrition) in the region; other indicators that help understand hunger and malnutrition; highlights of policy developments that are relevant (using the Food and Agriculture Policy Decision Analysis [FAPDA] and other monitoring tools); and individual country success stories.

Rome, 15 Jul 2015. This document is a compendium of FAO Africa results in 2014. The results focus on FAO Africa Regional Initiatives which were implemented in alignment with the Organization’s Corporate Strategic Objectives and Country Programming Frameworks, namely eradicating hunger and malnutrition, promoting sustainable and productive agriculture, reducing rural poverty, enabling inclusive and efficient agricultural food systems, and building resilience and livelihoods. Results are presented in the form of short stories with emphasis on partnership and collaboration as important tools in the fight against hunger, Finally, the document looks at some of the challenges faced by the Organization in the implementation of its programmes and projects and then goes further to suggest some solutions.

Nairobi, 13 Jul 2015. The Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) is known for its clear focus on building agricultural input systems and an enabling environment for rapid growth in agricultural production. However, learning from experience, AGRA has broadened its approach to include trade and market access, agricultural policies and support to farmers’ associations.

Rome, 13 Jul 2015. This book collects the findings of a group of scientists and economists who have taken stock of climate change impacts on food and agriculture at global and regional levels over the past two decades. The evidence presented describes how global warming will impact where and how food is produced and discusses the significant consequences for food security, health and nutrition, water scarcity and climate adaptation. The book also highlights the implications for global food trade.

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