Rome, 11 Jan 2016. FAO just released its report ‘The State of Agriculture Commodity Markets (SOCO) 2015-2016. This year the topic of the report corresponds strongly with the topic of the Annual General Assembly of the Global Donor Platform and is focusing on ‘Trade and food security: achieving a better balance between national priorities and the collective good.’ The report recognises that global trade in agricultural and food products has grown rapidly with more and more countries engaged in this trade as importers and/or exporters. The report is divided in four parts, focusing on the changing nature of agricultural trade, the linkages between trade and food security, the support of trade to food security and the way towards improved governance for trade and food security.

Online, 5 Jan 2016. United Nations Development Programme released its annual development report 2015. The report focuses on the importance work plays for human development and special attention is paid to the agricultural sector and the rural space. As almost a billion people work in agriculture and more than half a billion family farms produce more than 80 percent of the world’s food, the work in the sector is of extreme importance to human development.

Rome, 10 Dec 2015. Climate change impacts and the resulting extreme weather events affect the strongest smallholder farmers. As these events are nearly impossible to prevent, the goal is to build up the resilience of the most affected farmers and pastoralists. FAO and external partners developed a tool to measure and monitor climate resilience, share the gathered, analysed information and enable farmers and pastoralists to further develop their resilience.

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