Rome, 1 Apr 2016. Climate change adaptation is key to achieving the ambitious goal of eradicating hunger and reducing poverty. The negative impacts directly affect the poorest and most vulnerable populations that depend on natural resources – the farmers. The same people who provide the food to feed the world’s population.

Online, 12 Jan 2016. The implementation of the SDGs will strongly depend on the resilience of food systems especially in food insecure countries that are prone to climate change impacts. This publication advocates for the promotion of a food system that will boost productivity sustainably, while enhancing resilience and lowering the greenhouse gas emissions.

Paris, 29 Mar 2016. The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the French Development Agency (AFD) joined forces with civil society, academia and other professionals back in 1996 to set up the Land Tenure and Development Technical Committee (CTFD). The Committee is currently actively involved in all land related development projects of the ministry. It provides the agencies, as well as all related stakeholders, with expertise and research that has proven to be most useful on the ground.

Online, 12 Jan 2016. KPMG released a report that analyses the great potential agriculture has to reduce poverty and eradicate hunger in Africa. The lack of reforms and proneness to struggles of the sector affect directly 65% of the labor force on the continent and predominantly smallholder farmers. In order to sustain the agricultural production and improve the livelihoods of affected, investments in market access, soil management, innovative finance and other resources need to be attracted.

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