Online, 12 Jan 2016. KPMG released a report that analyses the great potential agriculture has to reduce poverty and eradicate hunger in Africa. The lack of reforms and proneness to struggles of the sector affect directly 65% of the labor force on the continent and predominantly smallholder farmers. In order to sustain the agricultural production and improve the livelihoods of affected, investments in market access, soil management, innovative finance and other resources need to be attracted.

Online, 24 Mar 2016. Chicago Council researchers suggest that investments in global food security have multiple positive impacts on poverty, economic growth, social stability and resilience especially in low-income countries. The paper analyses the successes of US investments in linking development to strategic relationships and economic growth. And it also lays out some recommendations on how to track investments across agencies to strengthen impact and support the American commitment to the implementation of the SDGs.

Washington, 23 Mar 2016. On 17 March 2016, the Global Donor Working Group on Land hosted a session at the 17th World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty. The session, entitled “Good Land Governance in Public and Private Domains: Setting Donors’ Priorities”, aimed at identifying leverage points for donors to help improve land governance worldwide. For this purpose, land experts, donor representatives and around 40 conference participants discussed the potential of latest best practices and technologies for upscaling good land governance through major donors’ investments. By doing so, donors made their contribution to this year’s conference focus on working at scale, mainstreaming innovations, and sustaining investments in land governance.

Online, 23 Mar 2016. Earlier this month the UK Department for International Development and the Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment published a report on land-based investments and the Dilemmas they present to local communities and host governments. The authors of the report try to create a catalogue for governments to address their grievances and navigate them through the complicated landscape of legal and practical hurdles.

Online, 22 Mar 2016. The approach towards sustainable development has changed profoundly last year. The agreement on SDGs, the Action Agenda on Financing for Development and the new commitments under COP21 put a higher priority than ever on developing countries' governments to attract private investment. And if the driving force for Investors to invest is high return prospective, the host governments are mainly concerned with the quality of investments and their impact on sustainable development.

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