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IFAD Podcast: NEW Platform miniseries

“Farms. Food. Future” is the podcast of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD). 

The Global Donor Platform for Rural Development is adding its voice to the podcast in a miniseries and bringing a donor perspective to the frontline of food security. IFAD, as the host of the Platform secretariat, has created a special corner of conversation for our members and partners. 

We ask our guests to share the issues that keep them up at night, the action they are taking to make a difference, and how their relationship with the Platform has played a part in bringing donors together towards achieving Agenda 2030.

"Farms. Food. Future." invites listeners to pull up a chair, sit down and tune in to the challenges small-scale producers in developing countries are facing around food security.

Episode 31 | GDPRD Part 1

In our first segment, we hear from our Platform Co-Chair Tristan Armstrong, who is Senior Sector Specialist of Agricultural Development and Food Security, at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Australia. Tristan shares his first-hand experience on the impacts of climate change in the Pacific Islands and at home in Canberra, and the Platform as a unique space for key donors to advocate for collective action in the food security agenda.

Tristan's segment starts at the 55-minute mark.


Tune into the rest of the podcast and hear IFAD’s Associate Vice-President Jo Puri discuss the problem of growing social inequality, Wageningen University's Professor Ken Giller on how food systems can be transformed for rural prosperity, Lara Gilmore, founder of Food for Soul, on how her and her husband, Michelin-starred Italian chef Massimo Bottura, are opening up opportunities for social and economic mobility, hear news from the Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa and the Sea Women of Melanesia, a team recently named UNEP’s Champions of the Earth, and from farmers from Kenya and Guyana about how they're improving the lives of their communities.



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