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Newsletter CAADP DPCG June 2016

Pretoria | South Africa | 1 Jun 2016
Taking into account new implementation challenges arising from the 2014 Malabo Declaration and acknowledging that CAADP is Africa’s foremost policy framework for agricultural transformation, wealth creation, food security & nutrition, economic growth & prosperity for all, DPCG feels the urgent need to further strengthen information exchange, particularly amongst the continental, regional and national levels as well as among current and towards new development partners. This circular addresses first and foremost actively involved stakeholders in CAADP implementation and aims at a stronger linkage between the continental, regional and national levels.

Donors and development partners have strived for harmonization and coordination since the beginning of CAADP in 2003. They met initially as “Development Partners Task Team” (DPTT) under the Global Donor Platform for Rural Development (GDP) in 2006. In January 2016, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) took over the chair of the now called DPCG from the European Union and defined its priorities for CAADP support and policy dialogue with the African partners.

We hope that this first circular attracts your attention and interest and contributes to deepening the vertical and horizontal exchange between CAADP stakeholders. Any feedback on this circular as well as input for editions to come is most welcome.


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