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Walking the talk of the CAADP framework and Malabo declaration

Accra | Ghana | 12 Apr 2016
The 12th CAADP Partnership Platform took place with the objective of “walking the talk” of the CAADP framework, the Malabo declaration and Agenda 2063. Practical implementation was the core focus of the 12th CAADP PP which is the first PP since the Malabo declaration. The expectation was to build a shared understanding of country and regional needs for rolling out the implementation strategy and road maps, including partnerships that can support this implementation. Seven sub themes were to be addressed, namely (i) Funding the African Agricultural Investment to attain Malabo commitments; (ii) Agricultural Finance Landscape and Policy Environment; (iii) Inclusive access to finance to empower women and youth; (iv) Innovative delivery of financial services, (v) Value chain finance (vi) Agriculture and food insecurity risk management (vii)renewing partnership for accelerated development.

Key messages

For coherent linkages across regional markets that ensure coordination but also address the multi-sectoral dimensions of agriculture and rural development. The public sector needs to do the heavy lifting so as to create an attractive environment for the private sector. The Meeting reaffirmed the vital role for agriculture in leading African development and serving as a catalyst for the needs of the youth and women.

It was also further emphasised that the Malabo Declaration is a strong political movement for the industrialisation of African agriculture and the smallholder farmer is a valuable component of the African private sector particularly the Small and Medium Enterprises. Delegates also noted agriculture as a business that is a continuum across various sizes of farms and industries.

Delegates also underscored the need to innovate so as to address the gaps in the financial products and delivery of financial services and further upscale good practices on financial services.
Some of the next steps agreed are that the AUC and NPCA will facilitate technical support for implementation of New Generation of NAIPs through the establishment of Technical Networks. Technical Networks will help identify appropriate policies, programs and practices that can accelerate achievement of the Malabo Declaration goals and target. AUC and NPCA will give an update on the NAIPs Appraisal and the establishment of the Technical Networks in the 13th CAADP PP.


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