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A new way to measure women’s empowerment in agriculture

Understanding how agricultural programs impact the empowerment of women

Bonn | Germany | 1 Oct 2015
After collecting feedback from researchers in the field and identifying different sets of users, the IFPRI WEAI team created a streamlined version of this tool, whose results can be compared to those of the original tool.

The abbreviated index, or A-WEAI, works best in situations where resources and time are constrained. It reduces the time for interviewing subjects by approximately 30 percent, and drops four indicators—autonomy; speaking in public; leisure time; and purchase, sale, and transfer of assets—from the interview questions. The five main domains of empowerment that are measured in the original index—production, resources, income, leadership, and time remain, but are simply measured with fewer questions. This shorter version of this monitoring tool allows researchers and country project managers working in agriculture to choose the tool that works best for them, to help them better understand how their work affects the empowerment of women. You can find the original WEAI and the A-WEAI on the WEAI Resource Center.


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