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Women’s empowerment – advancing SDG5 and SDG2 by focusing on interconnections

Rome | Italy | Oct 2017
The event was organised by the European Commission and the Private Sector Mechanism to discuss efforts on delivering the SDGs. The inputs focused on interconnections between gender equality and women’s empowerment for better food security and nutrition.

The panelists agreed that to have a successful implementation of the Agenda2030 women need to be recognised as agents of change and as an active contributor to economic development. To support this vision, experts from different areas offered their insights. On the one hand side they looked into best examples for empowerment – through education, market access facilitation and active presence of other women as role models. On the other, they reported about hurdles that limit the impact of donor interventions – missing recognition for women’s rights and their contribution to economic development, limited access to services, due to informal work and work in the households, just to name a few.
All panelists agreed that the SDGs could be used to facilitate more examples and advertisements of successful women. Interventions should involve the private sector, actively aiming at using the industries to depict women in their power and to create equal working places. Efforts should address governance structures – reforming land administration and facilitating easier access to land rights, promoting organisations of women farmers and providing capacity development efforts with the private sector adapted to the time and role the women have.


Highlights from CFS 44: Women's empowerment

Women’s empowerment – advancing SDG5 and SDG2 by focusing on interconnections

The above video is an edited version of the highlights during CFS44 side event "Women’s empowerment – advancing SDG5 and SDG2 by focusing on interconnections" October 2017.


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