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Nutrition-sensitive agriculture - what we know and where to go?

Washington D.C. | USA | 16 Mar 2018
A growing number of donor agencies and development organisations are integrating nutrition into their agricultural programs. Although the connection is well recognised, the exact pathways of which agriculture can influence nutrition-related outcomes are still unclear. This paper reviews recent evidence, including findings various evaluations of nutrition-sensitive agriculture programs, as well as other designs that link agriculture, women’s empowerment and nutrition. The discussion note summarises existing knowledge about impact, pathways, mechanisms and contextual factors that affect the way agricultural impacts nutrition. The paper concludes with reflections on implications for agricultural programs and policies.

Key highlights

  • Nutrition sensitive agriculture programs improve a variety of diet and nutrition outcomes;
  • Greater benefits for children are achieved when programs actively aim to improve health, water, sanitation and hygiene practices;
  • NSA programs should improve access to and consumption of high-quality diets for the while household;
  • A variety of different contextual factors modify the impact of agriculture on nutrition outcomes;
  • Although the body of evidence is growing, there is still an important gap in knowledge that needs to be filled.
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