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Platform hosts virtual briefing on nutrition sensitive agriculture

Bonn | Germany |11 Jul 2016
On June 16, the Global Donor Platform’s Nutrition Work Stream hosted a virtual briefing to examine the state of the art in nutrition-sensitive agriculture (NSA) both from a conceptual point of view and regarding its translation into practice. Representatives of major donors, international organisations, research institutes and NGOs shared and discussed their perspectives, approaches and experiences in addressing and promoting NSA. Lynn Brown (chair of the Nutrition Work Stream) and Mauro Ghirotti (Co-chair of the Platform) outlined the objective and scope of the briefing that forms part of a broader activity of the Platform’s Nutrition work stream led by the Rome-based Agencies (RBAs).

The general idea of this activity is to structure and synthesize previous experiences in nutrition-sensitive agriculture in order to scale up effective nutrition-sensitive interventions. The first part of the webinar gave an overview of key approaches in nutrition-sensitive agriculture. In the second part, practical experiences were set forth. During the briefing it was agreed to gather NSA resources from different stakeholders in order to build up an online library on the Donor Platform website in the long term. This first briefing will be followed by a second briefing focusing on the presentation and analysis of very specific policy and field experiences.

Application of nutrition-sensitive agriculture approaches

The members of the nutrition workstream agreed to focus on nutrition-sensitive agriculture in 2016. The webinar explores the advantages of this approach to nutrition, sustainability and ultimately economic development.



Martina Karaparusheva

Junior Policy Advisor


Contact | Chair

Lynn Brown

Chair of the Nutrition workstream

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