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STDF Strategy 2020 – 2024

Safe and Inclusive Trade Horizons for Developing Countries

STDF has recently published their new STDF 2020 -2024 Strategy, with a reception to mark the launch held at the WTO in Geneva.

This five-year Strategy shows the commitment of STDF’s global partnership to a roadmap for facilitating safe, inclusive trade outcomes for the developing countries in support of the UN’s 2030 Agenda.

The strategy highlights:

  • Why STDF’s vision, goal and outcomes driving catalytic SPS improvements in developing countries matter in today’s changing global trade landscape
  • What STDF’s theory of change aims to do through its approach to: convene and connect; pilot and innovate; learn and disseminate; influence and catalyse
  • How STDF’s global platform, knowledge work and projects/PPGs will benefit the public and private sector in developing and least developed countries

Results under the 2020-2024 Strategy will be jointly delivered by STDF’s partners, donors, global and regional members including the private sector and developing country experts

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