Publication [ID: 113]

CAADP - Programmatic and Institutional overview

The Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP) is the African Union’s strategic policy framework for the agricultural transformation of the African continent.

The Global Donor Platform, together with the GIZ CAADP support programme commissioned this overview document to serve partners and future supporters of CAADP to get an easy overview of the sophisticated programmatic and institutional landscape of this continent-wide programme.


Areas covered

The document covers five major areas:

  1. The CAADP Policy Framework
  2. CAADP Institutions
  3. CAADP Implementation
  4. CAADP Partnership Architecture
  5. CAADP Financing

It is designed as a “living document” which will be updated regularly as changes in CAADP arise. It is accompanied by an archive of all CAADP-related important documents for easy reference, which is linked below.

This overview was prepared by consultant Heike Ostermann.



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