Publication [ID: 95]

Factsheets: Agrobiodiversity- the key to food security, climate adaption and resilience

At a time when a growing world population needs to be fed on limited resources in a changing climate, the conservation and sustainable use of agricultural biological diversity gains utmost importance. Agrobiodiversity plays a crucial role in food security and nutrition, as well as in the provision of environmental services and livelihoods. It is critical to the sustainability, resilience and adaptability of agricultural production systems.

To promote awareness and share knowledge on conservation and the sustainable use of agrobiodiversity, the Sectorproject Sustainable Agriculture (SV NAREN), on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), has published this series of seven agrobiodiversity factsheets:

  1. Understanding agrobiodiversity
  2. Agrobiodiversity – plant genetic resources
  3. Agrobiodiversity – animal genetic resources
  4. International agreements on agrobiodiversity
  5. Incentives for agrobiodiversity conservation
  6. Adding value to agrobiodiversity
  7. Agrobiodiversity for survival

The factsheets present the basics of agrobiodiversity – what it is, why it is important, what causes it to diminish and why this is happening so rapidly, how it can be developed, and its relation to traditional knowledge and local innovations. It also covers gender issues, the global and national governance of agrobiodiversity, in situ and ex situ conservation methods, and, finally, options for action for conservation and sustainable use of agrobiodiversity in development cooperation.


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