Publication [ID: 95]

FAO's work on climate change

Climate change adaptation is key to achieving the ambitious goal of eradicating hunger and reducing poverty. The negative impacts directly affect the poorest and most vulnerable populations that depend on natural resources – the farmers. The same people who provide the food to feed the world’s population.
For them climate change adaptation is equal to food security. Furthermore food security is in many ways related to most of the SDGs, it is fundamental to socio-economic development and for the eradication of hunger. Zero hunger can only be achieved if the whole food system and agricultural supply chain is made resilient to climate change impacts.
Public and private investments to the agricultural sector can ensure resilient and inclusive agricultural development. FAO invests in critical areas to support food security, climate change adaptation and mitigation. The organisation’s expertise and tools will play an important role in supporting the countries to implement their INDCs in relation to agriculture and fulfill the commitments in the Paris COP21 agreement.


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