Publication [ID: 119]

African Agricultural Trade Status Report 2017

To design beneficial regional integration policies and maximise the advantages of private sector and development partners’ engagement, policy makers and other stakeholders require reliable and comprehensive data on intra and inter-regional agricultural trade. CTA and IFPRI released the African Agricultural Trade Status report, which looks into the status quo, the trends and the outlook on the development of agricultural markets and trade on the continent.

Trade is seen by more and more international organisations and bilateral donors as one of the most effective tools to promote consumer welfare, increase in producer incomes, reduce poverty and boost overall economic growth. The goal of the report is to inform policy discussions on measures to enhance trade performance on the continent. The authors have listed recommendations for policymakers on regional and country levels to increase agricultural productivity, improve market access and improve the functioning of institutions. Informed policy decisions and evidence-based interventions will help improve the overall economic situation on the continent and agricultural trade will help ensure food security across Africa.


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