Publication [ID: 119]

Making Trade work for all

It is a fact that the benefits of trade are not spread equally. Inequality in income and of opportunity is also increasing. Whole regions within countries are being left behind and not all businesses are participating in globally or regionally integrated value-chains and markets. In addition, facts show that open economies grow faster than relatively closed economies. By boosting growth, trade has helped lift millions of people out of poverty and the emerging markets of developing countries are gaining more and more importance in trade.

OECD looks into the possible strategies and ways to address the concerns of inequality, liberalization and facilitation. There are three general areas of activities categorized by the authors of the publication:

  • Create environments where the benefits from trade can materialize through domestic policies that encourage opportunity, innovation and competition;
  • Ensure that trade is inclusive and fair to everyone and all regions;
  • Make the international system work better;


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