Publication [ID: 119]

Partnering for impact: USAID and the private sector

The current development reality requires higher level of cooperation and partnership, if the international community wants to implement the SDGs. USAID has a long history in public-private partnerships. The agency has learned that partnering on equal terms can provide an edge in development assistance. Engagement with private sector will enable donor agencies to leverage the additional financial resources, but also their core business offers an additional advantage of capabilities and local expertise.

With Agenda2030 and the agreed upon SDGs and their targets the international community created a path to align development objectives and business interests. USAID reports on the successful implementation of public-private partnerships and their experience of advancing the development agenda towards eliminating food insecurity, hunger and poverty. The report aims to provide a systematic and strategic overview of partnership initiatives that increase scale and sustainability – broad use of instruments and tools, divers group of private sector actors and local engagement.


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