Publication [ID: 107]

Effective approaches to strengthen coherence across individual donor governments regarding responsible land governance

One of the key challenges in achieving policy coherence on land rights is to overcome the gap between two groups of actors with different logics, namely the ‘economic efficiency or fiscal approach’ and the ‘sustainability and human rights based approach’. This publication suggests how to achieve policy coherence between these two groups and between development cooperation policy and other policy areas by combining strategies, approaches, and case studies in which bilateral donor agencies of developed countries have engaged successfully with their own relevant government institutions to drive a coherent approach towards improved land governance in their partner countries. Coordinating cross-sectorally, advocating for the inclusion of land tenure security in national policy processes and utilizing policy spaces are just some of the measures donors have taken for achieving greater coherence.

Different measures are proposed on how donors can initiate policy coherence by themselves or with a limited number of partners, such as creating alliances and jointly defining land governance objectives and strategies. Finally, the study provides a checklist to help analyse the policy coherence situation of a given country and develop an action plan to improve policy coherence on land governance in partner countries.


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