Publication [ID: 107]

Land Deal Dilemmas: Grievances, human rights, and investor protections

Earlier this month the UK Department for International Development (DFID) and the Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment published a report on land-based investments and the Dilemmas they present to local communities and host governments.

The authors of the report try to create a catalogue for governments to address their grievances and navigate them through the complicated landscape of legal and practical hurdles. DFID as a member of the Platform, is actively engaged in the Land Group, hosted by Platform.

The issues discussed in the report will be carried over to the work of the Group and DFID will lead the efforts to align principles of investment by donor organisations and support national governments with their implementation.

The summary of the report outlines the three key issues:

  • Land-based investments create significant grievances for host governments. The report looks into the different obstacles governments face in dealing with the much needed and seeked for investments.
  • Guiding governments through international and domestic law obligations, contract obligations and other rules that are relevant to land grievances
  • Solutions and pathways for governments to address and resolve problems triggered by particular investments, as well as measures to minimise negative impacts and further implications with future Investments.


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