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State of Food security and Nutrition 2017

The newly released “State of food security and nutrition” report describes a rather negative development in the world. The number of chronically undernourished people in 2016 in the world has increased to 815 million from 777 million back in 2015. Although the overall state of food security and nutrition is better than in the beginning of the century, this development could be interpreted as the beginning of a negative trend.

New negative trends and policy expectations

The authors associate the rise in the numbers with the growing number of people living in areas and situations of conflict and conflict combined with extreme weather events. With the increasing frequency and intensity of climate related events, as well as the rising number of conflicts, the report calls for urgent political reconsideration of approaches and interventions to contribute to the immediate relief and provide mid-term assistance and sustainability measures.
The report communicates the need to adapt the existing initiatives to respond to the new challenges and overcome them, if the ambitious hunger and malnutrition Goal of Agenda 2030 is to be implemented.

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