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Platform Annual Report 2017


In 2017, the Global Donor Platform for Rural Development walked the talk of having a more holistic approach to its goal of improving rural livelihoods. As is necessitated by the SDG agenda, the Platform broke silos and covered issues in a much more crosscutting and complementary manner, ensuring that rural development priorities were being discussed in the context of the multi-dimensional dynamics in which they are occuring.



  • 15 International events 
  • 5 Platform events
  • 5 Management meetings
  • 2 Board meetings
  • 2 Studies/working papers
  • 40 Members

Examples include discussions on the nexus of forced migration and land rights, women’s economic empowerment in agribusiness as well as rural youth employment and the “future of agriculture”.  These cross cutting discussions produced a diverse and dynamic year for members and partners and offered lots of food for thought. This approach was an outcome of the 2017 Annual General Assembly (AGA) hosted by the European Commission in Brussels, Belgium where members agreed that current development practices would not suffice to implement Agenda 2030 in rural areas and working more flexibly across issues is urgently needed in order to achieve the SDGs.

 More than 100 participants gathered to discuss the future of rural development in the Agenda 2030 implementation process.  For the first time the AGA included a high-level session, where directors of several member organisations elaborated on the impact of the SDGs, the Paris Agreement and the new finance architecture created by the AAAA.

Overall, in 2017 the Platform confirmed its role as a forum for discussions around crosscutting and emerging issues, positioning itself as a place to exchange on initiatives, strengthen cooperation and promote innovations.

The annual report highlights the key milestones of our work in 2017.

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