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Platform's Strategic Plan 2016-2020

Championing the transformation of agriculture, food systems and rural livelihoods constitutes in short the mission of the Global Donor Platform for Rural Development to contribute to the vision of prosperous rural communities. The focus of the Strategic Plan 2016 – 2020 continues to be the enhanced programming and increased investments by the donor community and its partners in close cooperation with farmers’ organisations, the private sector and emerging development partners in rural development like foundations and bilateral programs of emerging donors. The outcome of the Strategic Plan entails the clear mandate to make sure that “evidence-based donor policies and programmes for sustainable agriculture and rural transformation enhance food and nutrition security, economic growth and reduce poverty and inequality in rural development”.

The functions of the Platform are knowledge sharing and strategic knowledge creation, advocacy and outreach as well as networking. All functions are to be fulfilled by members within their own organisations and jointly within the international community and with development partners in developing countries. Development partners, however, diversify under rapidly changing development architecture. New institutions and constituencies play an increasingly important role, be it as partners in trade and agri-business, public-private partnerships or in making available climate finance for rural development.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and their targets as well as the global agreement on Finance for Development equally change the role and impact of donor agencies. The Platform has therefore chosen its Strategic Initiative Agenda 2030 to be the overarching approach to a broader transformation agenda making the potentials of the SDGs available for the rural space. Strategic and thematic work streams will contribute to this transformation agenda through effective donor support to land governance, trade and market access, agricultural finance, climate change finance and other thematic work which the Platform is and will be undertaking.
The Strategic Plan will be implemented through a strengthened governance structure of the Platform, with new partners and with a clear focus on the comparative advantages of the international donor community and its individual members.

New Strategic Plan to guide the Platform

In response to the changes in the international development framework, the Platform members have agreed on a new Strategic Plan to guide the work of the Platform in the next 4 years


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