Publications [ID: 27]


The publications section offers a topic specific overview of the latest publications by international research organisations, civil society and academia, but also by the members and partners of the Platform.

UNDP Human Development Report 2016

Gender inequality is costing sub-Saharan Africa on average $US95 billion a year, jeopardising the continent’s efforts for inclusive human development and economic growth, according to the Africa Human Development Report 2016.


Exploring territorial inequalities and their importance for rural areas

The International Conference on Territorial Inequality and Development took place back in January 2016 in Puebla, Mexico. The outcomes of the conference feed into the discussion in the workstream on Agenda 2030.


Territorial Approaches: Rural-urban linkages and inclusive rural transformation

Territorial development approaches are a supreme tool that provide an overview of the diversity across territories and will serve greatly towards the implementation of the sustainable development goals.


The European Union, Africa and new donors

The European Commission analyses in this report the relationship between the traditional donor, EU and the new actors that are taking on more and more responsibility and draws conclusions about the future position of the EU.


Agricultural and Rural Development reconsidered

The report published by IFAD is analyzing the agricultural development over recent decades. It is meant to establish a guide to current debates, while taking into account these changes.


New Rural Development Paradigm for the 21st Century

Billions of people live in rural areas in developing countries. They are most vulnerable to climate change impacts, suffer higher child mortality and lack of access to decent health care institutions and infrastructure.