Publications [ID: 146]


The publications section offers a topic specific overview of the latest publications by international research organisations, civil society and academia, but also by the members and partners of the Platform.

Climate change mitigation potential of agricultural practices

International discussions on climate change increasingly recognize the importance of agriculture in adaptation and mitigation efforts. This study estimates the mitigation potential of agricultural practices supported by IFAD’s current investments in order to provide guidance for the design of future investments.


Assessing the costs of tenure risks to agribusinesses

The Quantifying Tenure Risk is a joint initiative between the Overseas Development Institute and TMP Systems to provide data and analysis to reduce land conflict and improve land governance through better informed investment decisions. The study and tool is primarily geared towards investors to make a stronger, objective case for investing in better due diligence.


Rural producer agency and agricultural value chains: What role for socio-legal empowerment?

A new report released by the International Institute for Environment and Development (iied) examines the contribution that socio-legal empowerment can make to enhance the agency of rural actors as they engage with, or are affected by, commercial agriculture.



Together hand in hand: How blended finance can help LDCs achieve the SDGs

A recent United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) report, "Blended Finance in the Least Developed Countries", states that an increase of financial resources, both public and private, domestic and international, is needed and they have to work harmoniously in order to help the world's forty-seven least developed countries (LDCs) achieve the SDGs.


Ceres2030: Second Activity Update released

Ceres2030: Sustainable solutions to end hunger, the joint initiative of Cornell University, the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) and the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD), has recently released its second Activity update. The newsletter is part of a series of updates that we will be provided on the project's activities, key milestones, and next steps.



Strengthening Agriculture and Aid for Trade Development Impact

Agriculture and aid for trade (AfT) are two key areas of development cooperation that share many synergies and seek similar or the same development objectives; however, there is a lack of coordination between the two areas. A new study released by the Global Donor Platform for Rural Development looks at ways to bridge this gap.


Inventory of Donor Mapping on SDG2 Results Reporting – Final Report

Commissioned by the Directorate-General for International Cooperation (DGIS) of the Netherlands, the inventory contributes to better understanding and insights in global progress with regard to SDG2 results.



Agricultural GHG mitigation for development

What mitigation options are there in the agricultural sector, and how to apply them in development cooperation? A study commissioned by GIZ and updated by UNIQUE provides an overview of the latest scientific debate and gives examples.


CAADP - Programmatic and Institutional overview - 2nd, updated version (Sep 2018)

The overview serves partners and future supporters of CAADP to better understand the programmatic and institutional landscape of this continent-wide programme for food and nutrition security. It is the update of the first overview document published in July 2017