Publications [ID: 126]


The publications section offers a topic specific overview of the latest publications by international research organisations, civil society and academia, but also by the members and partners of the Platform.

New Platform Study Report: Insights into Youth Networks Working Around Agriculture and Rural Development in Africa

In 2019, the Global Donor Platform undertook a mapping exercise to identify youth networks in Africa. The assessment aimed at obtaining a clearer picture of how rural youth in Africa interact and voice their interests. The study also feeds into the work of the Platform’s Thematic Working Group on Rural Youth.


New FAO-SLE study on decent jobs for the young in Cambodia

Which skills and training opportunities do young people need to gain access to decent employment in rural areas? A new FAO study by the Centre for Rural Development (SLE), commisioned by FAO, looks at the situation in Cambodia to give an answer to this question.


Compendium: Donor Engagement with Rural Youth

The Global Donor Platform for Rural Development published a comprehensive study that highlights current approaches, trends and remaining questions in donor engagement with rural youth.